Kalani Brown - Premium Kooshi Sandals
Kalani Brown - Premium Kooshi Sandals
Kalani Brown - Premium Kooshi Sandals
Kalani Brown - Premium Kooshi Sandals
Kalani Brown - Premium Kooshi Sandals
Kalani Brown - Premium Kooshi Sandals
Kalani Brown - Premium Kooshi Sandals

Kalani Brown - Premium Kooshi Sandals

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A 100% Genuine Leather sandal designed in the Philippines.
It is handcrafted with magic and love by world-class artisans.
#SupportLocal #TatakPinoy

This unisex pair will definitely carry countless memories. It is timeless and durable that can be shared and passed down to generations. It never goes out of style.


  • To get the correct sandal size, MOMMIES ARE EXPECTED TO MEASURE their kid's foot (not the footwear) first to get the length in cm. Our size guide is foot length-based and NOT BY AGE.
  • ONLY USE OUR SIZE GUIDE. Do not use other brands/footwear as a size reference. Popo Pals is not in any way related to them.
  • WE DON'T ACCEPT SIZE CHANGE. So please understand that you need to follow the instructions above.
  • Go one size up! Our kids are growing up really fast. It is recommended to get one size up for much comfortable wear. Say if your kid is size 21, try 22! Besides, a bigger size is better than an unwearable small size. The size allowance will also lengthen the usage duration: better value for your hard-earned money.
  • Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor/screen settings.



Size Insole
5 21 13.0 cm
6 22 13.6 cm
7 23 14.2 cm
8 24 14.8 cm
9 25 15.6 cm
10 26 16.2 cm

Inner Sole Length in centimetres
Margin of error: +/- 0.2 cm



Modern Classic
It can easily be paired with any outfit. Dressing up or down, no problem!

It is simple and does not contend. Easily match any color or style.

The leather used is so soft and gentle to kids' feet. Its outsole is flexible, durable, and non-slip rubber.

Safe and Comfortable
Leather is flexible and stretchable because it is a natural fiber. It forms and adapts to the distinctive shape of feet and allows smooth motion. Leather is also very breathable. It makes the feet relaxed and free from collision. It keeps kids away from blisters and rashes.

Durable and Exquisite
Leather is undeniably durable and can last for years than synthetic ones. It does not rip up or crack if adequately taken care of. It will even look great with age and withstand the test of time.

Value versus Cost
Synthetic footwear is produced with low-cost materials hence appears more affordable. But, less expensive does not necessarily mean savings considering time. They don't last long compared to genuine leather.


  1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for an extended period to prevent fading.
  2. Avoid contact with solvents or oils.
  3. Avoid collision on anything abrasive
  4. Never machine wash or tumble dry.
  5. If it gets wet, quickly remove excess water with a paper towel and air-dry absent from direct sunlight.



  • for stains or spills, straightaway wipe with a soft damp cloth
  • for spot cleaning, lightly wipe over target affected areas and allow drying naturally away from direct sunlight